Unsheep is the latest creation of digital & graphic design studio, Love Your Brand, founded by Anine Fismer.

After forging a career as a digital designer over a period of 11 years across borders between Cape Town and London, this South African-born creative (formerly schooled as a graphic designer), never let her love for paper and screen printing waver.

As much as she loves the digital revolution, she had the urge to feel texture, embrace the smell of paper and getting her hands dirty with ink again.

So she decided to combine these two greatest passions.

Unsheep was born over a period of 6 months: A brand was created (after long nights and painful decisions). A manifesto was written (to anchor the brand). A series of products were designed and tested (some were ditched, some made the cut). The online shop was built (the boring techie stuff you know, like platform-, payment gateway-, and courier decisions etc.).

It’s all about the experience.

The Unsheep online shopping experience is made seamless by offering customers a clean, secure and most importantly user friendly website experience. Visitors are taken on a beautiful simplistic journey, just as the products intend to.

In this ever-evolving digital and eCommerce world of ours, time is of the essence: customers want to know what they are buying and they want to do it quickly without hassle.

We love local.

All products in the Unsheep range are made locally in Cape Town and a small selection of goods (like pens and notebooks) have been imported from Germany and Japan.

The store now offers products across an ever expanding array of ranges including paper goods, pens & pencils, hand printed poster & textiles and branded apparel items.

The conclusion?

Unsheep is a sophisticated brand that focuses on simplistic products, with a quirky edge, made for the independent minimalist. It lives by its own manifesto.

It’s a brand that is simple. Fun. Intriguing. And a brand that is made for the person who understands and appreciates what it stands for.

Have a look!

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