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Solitary Souls

An initiative by Unsheep

This is the place where we like to let our minds go, getting our hands dirty and revisiting the world of print, paper and ink again. The very first theme being Solitary Souls, inspired by our love for animals, their powers and their instincts.

Solitary animals travel alone through life and are therefore clever hunters when it comes to feeding themselves, and very intelligent when protecting themselves against predators.

They have super powers and are strong independent animals, living a simplistic life. One might even think they adopted the Unsheep way-of-life.

That’s why Unsheep art directed the creation of three distinct animals that choose to live solitary lives: the Bear, the Tiger and the Octopus.

We commissioned talented Munich-based illustrator, Bella Illenberger, to bring the three independent solitary souls to life, using pen on paper. Once they were beautifully illustrated, we transformed these intriguing creatures into a series of products using different printing techniques, including the most ancient of them all, silkscreen printing.

Screen printing goes back a very long time (China and Japan in 960–1279 AD). It was introduced to Western Europe in the late 18th Century when printers started experimenting with it. But it wasn’t until one of our favourite artists, Andy Warhol, started using this technique (while working under master screen printer Michel Caza), that it was popularised as an artistic technique in the 60’s and became a popular method of printing under artists.

The theme features throughout our products and includes hand printed textiles, totebags and other paper goods.

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