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  • The Unsheep Manifesto
    Hand Printed A3 Poster


    Our signature art print, the Unsheep Manifesto.

    Each poster is handprinted on an A3 300gsm natural white textured paper, signed and numbered with a pencil and finished off with an embossed logo stamp.

    “Unsheep? What does that even mean? Obviously, the opposite of sheep. A metaphor wrapped in an analogy, wrapped in a figure of speech. Or a person, creature, or thinking being who is not a sheep. One who chooses the road less travelled. One who understands that less is more. One who values time. One who speaks their mind. One who understands quality over quantity. One who respects function over form. One who trusts their instincts. One who refuses to blindly follow. One who is not a sheep.”


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