• The TigerHand Printed Tote Bag

    R95.00 R47.50

    Some say that… An adult Bengal Tiger living in the wild can go for up to two weeks without eating, then feast on 34 kg of flesh at one time. Its roar can be heard over 3 km away and they can reach speeds of up to 65 km per hour.

    This minimalistic tote bag with long handles is perfect to pop in your bag or car boot to use for grocery shopping, farm produce or even secondhand book shopping. Alternatively use it as a makeshift handbag. The bag features one of the Solitary Souls, the Bengal Tiger, hand printed in gold or black ink.

    This eco-friendly tote is made from natural fibre cotton, it still has its natural colour (no dyes used) and is unbleached. It’s biodegradable, sustainable and renewable.

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