Well hello there.

We've gone into space.

We are currently grazing the fields of the Unknown in order to create more Unsheepish magic. In order to create more Unsheepish magic, we are relocating the studio to the Mother City and should be up and running with a freshly squeezed website in the first months of 2024.

Apologies for all our loyal calendar card Unsheeplings, we will not be launching a 2024 version in time for January. We will however have a kickass 2024/2025 version available from mid next year.

Ps. For very urgent queries, like “how to Unsheep oneself” or “how to get hold of a 2024/2025 refill for your wooden calendar” or “help! I really wanted to buy that Manifesto as a Christmas gift“, we’ll try and fulfil your dream as soon as we can. Please leave your message below and we’ll return to earth for a brief moment in time to get in touch.